• We Closed Our Warehouse!

    You read that right, after five years of operating our Amazon business in our own warehouse, we are closing the doors. We have finished our warehouse lease and moved ENTIRELY to a prep center! So…we took our own advice…FINALLY One question our TWF students often ask is “Why do you recommend using a prep center […]

  • How Private Label Sellers Can Use Wholesale to Double Their Business

    If I said you could start with no product idea, have a bestseller on Amazon in 30 days or less, and you could do it without a product launch…would you believe me? What if I told you this could be completely automated into a process that not only generates fast cash flow, but builds up […]

  • Our Students Have Sold Over $500 Million on Amazon!

    Today, Eric and I are proud to announce our students of The Wholesale Formula have combined to sell over $500 million dollars on Amazon! Wow! I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of our TWF community. HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!! Make no mistake about it, the credit to this amazing accomplishment goes directly […]

  • How This TWF Student Negotiated a 7-Figure Wholesale Deal

    Last week was Independence Day. I spent the holiday with my wife, our two daughters, and a mixture of other family and friends hanging out by our pool, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. Later that evening, as it drew closer to dusk, we headed out to a nearby park to watch fireworks. We found a […]

  • 3 Ways to Move More Inventory & Grow Your Business

    Dan’s note: When we first started our Amazon business in 2011, we had a button in our seller central account that we could hit at any time and Amazon would deposit any earnings we had directly into our bank account. This was EXTREMELY useful in the early days of our business because we were strapped […]

  • Wholesale Catalog Mining: How to Create Profit from Low-margin Products by Bundling!

    If you follow our blog here, you know we don’t buy wholesale using any of the traditional methods.The traditional ways people buy wholesale involve going to tradeshows or signing up for accounts with distributors and wholesale companies. They will then go through those companies’ giant catalogs of branded inventory to find products they can buy […]

  • How to Keep Amazon Off Your Listing

    Let’s face it: No one really wants competition. Even more to the point, no one wants competition from the biggest, baddest competitor in the game! So, is this something that can be prevented? Not always, but it’s definitely possible. The primary thing we have to remember is WHO Amazon is. Why does Amazon do the […]

  • Making Changes to any Amazon Listing

    Many sellers hold a misconception about who is able to make changes to an Amazon listing. The confusion comes from the belief that only the page creator is able edit the listing, but this isn’t the case. You have the ability to make changes to any listing on Amazon. But why would you want to […]

  • Wholesale Case Study: Amy S.

    The following is the inspirational story of Amy. Amy went from being a single mother living on welfare and food assistance to generating $25,000 per month in sales in less than a year. ———– Amy dreamed of being a mother since she was a little girl. When she got married, she wanted nothing more than […]

  • Wholesale Case Study: Joshua Blake

    The following is the inspirational story of Joshua Blake. Joshua started selling online to pay off medical bills, but that Amazon side project eventually turned into a multi-million dollar wholesale business. —— Joshua Blake has always put his faith and his family first. His wife and children are the most important people in his life, […]

  • Fighting Fake IP Claims

    If you have been selling on Amazon for the past year, you know exactly what I am talking about. Even if you haven’t received one of these, you’ve no doubt heard about them. Today, I want to bust a few myths with IP claims, as well as give you a plan for how you can […]

  • Shipping Direct from Supplier to Amazon

    Having your manufacturer ship direct to your Amazon account is an incredibly easy process. We do suggest having them ship the first order either direct to you or a prep center initially, just to verify that the manufacturer complies with Amazon’s shipping policies. We highly advise observing the following practices: – Do not ship multiple […]