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TWF - Customer Experience Manager Wanted!

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We’re hiring a Customer Experience Manager capable of helping us accomplish our big mission as a company.

Our Mission:
To help our clients generate $1 BILLION dollars in revenue.
(and we are already more than halfway there!)

Ascension Consulting is a publisher of online training & coaching programs for Amazon sellers including The Wholesale Formula. We believe selling on Amazon is the best opportunity for everyday people to transform their lives and become independent entrepreneurs.

That’s why our mission is helping our clients achieve $1 Billion in revenue. It’s a measure of the impact we’re having and how effective we are as a company.

And that is where you come in!

My name is Tana. I am General Manager of Ascension Consulting. As the General Manager, I’m leading everything from the high-level strategy/vision to the roll-up-your-sleeves day to day execution. Long story short, there’s a lot to do and not enough bandwidth to get it all done! We’ve reached the point where we need a full-time customer experience rock-star to level-up our community-building, marketing technology (MarTech), and partnership efforts.

And by “rock-star,” we mean someone who can wire up landing pages in their sleep and would love coordinating/planning a Facebook live for one of our communities. Someone who can confidently book a great content expert to present on a webinar to our community, and also ensure that the correct Facebook pixel is installed on the right confirmation page for that webinar.

This is the versatility we’re looking for.

This role is important because without you we will not have the ability to reach the people who need our help building their own businesses.

We need you to step into the marketing machine we have and instantly level us up. Improve our approach, build upon what we’ve started, invent new and better techniques. And, most of all, have fun helping people transform their lives as they build thriving Amazon businesses.

The Role:
If you come from the traditional offline marketing world or a standard marketing agency, our pace of innovation, action taking and iteration might be uncomfortable for you. You’ll learn how to move fast, iterate quickly, and put zero value into sunk cost. You’ll also get to finally spread your wings, get rid of the red tape and do your thing.

If you come from a large corporation or have a bloated management structure where you are now, this will feel like the first day out of prison after a 10-year stint.

There is 0 red tape at Ascension. We don’t care about how other people have always done things.

What we care about is:

  • You love what you do every day and wake-up excited to do it!
  • Our students’ and clients’ successes!

We need someone who can:

  1. Engage and energize communities of people who need your inspiration, motivation, and expertise to grow their businesses.
  2. Pitch, land, and manage world-class partnerships that drive thousands of new leads into our marketing machine.
  3. Manage Marketing Technologies. You’ll be looking for simple and elegant ways to improve the back-end of our setup so we can learn what’s working and what’s not.
  4. Be the hardest of hardcore operators who loves being in the weeds and tracking everything so you know the areas we need to optimize.

Where will you work?
We all work remotely! That means you have the flexibility to work from home.

We don’t micromanage you. Rather, as Manager, we give you the freedom to lead, iterate, and figure out problems as you see fit. You will be a daily “in-the-weeds” practitioner.

What does Ascension Consulting do and why?

Our founders grew up poor in the Appalachian Mountains of rural Kentucky. It was through Amazon selling they were able to build a multi-million-dollar business and totally change the direction of their lives, and their families.

While their main focus these days is their Amazon business, they created Ascension Consulting to help provide others the opportunity for transformation via Amazon.

Do you want to be on the front lines and directly involved with helping people change their lives?

If you are interested in leveling up our marketing team, and you’re excited to build communities and work with partners, I look forward to talking to you.

Chat soon!

(Note: We typically have 100+ applicants for each role we hire. If you want the job, in addition to the application, send me something here that would make you really stand out (a video, examples of work etc.) 


  • You love diving “in-the-weeds”, making things work, and learning from what doesn’t.
  • You’re a complete marketing nerd who has been looking for a role like this for years.
  • You are ridiculously organized and a great communicator.
  • You love creating in-depth reports and learning from the data.
  • You love being in the weeds executing a marketing campaign.
  • You love inspiring people, writing, teaching, and even being on camera.
  • Ideally you have 3+ years of martech experience, and have helped run the day-to-day operations of a marketing team in the past. 
  • Ideally you have community-building experience.
  • Ideally you have experience working with partners.
  • Occasional travel, such as annual live events we host with clients


  • Work from anywhere (we’re 100% remote)
  • Medical benefits and a simple IRA matching program.

How to Apply for this Position:

Introduce yourself. We can’t wait to meet you! Shoot a short video telling us why you’re a good candidate for this job. Specifically, we’d like to know:

  • What your current experience is working on Amazon. Go ahead… it’s OK to give some personal brag here 🙂
  • Why you want to work with our team and not somewhere else, or for yourself full-time
  • About a time you worked with a client, what made it great, and how you helped them achieve a specific result

(Remember: We’re not looking for a feature-length movie, 3 minutes tops will do!)

Please send your resume and a link to your video in this application. If this sounds like an environment that would suit you, apply now, and tell us what you’ve got! Don’t be afraid to be yourself! We want to meet you and see if we are a match!


  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.

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